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On May 13-15, Public Health Connect hosted its very first case competition where public health enthusiasts and early-career professionals from around the world participated and solved a public health problem in one of three areas: mental health, environmental health, and maternal health. The weekend was filled with research, knowledge translation, and application of public health core competencies and participants were able to develop and strengthen their public health skills while also connecting with one another.

PHC appreciates having representatives from Canadian Red Cross, Healthcare Excellence Canada, Health Commons Solutions Lab, Ontario Health | Santé Ontario, Public Health Youth Association of Canada, SickKids Centre for Global Child Health, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) join us for our Community Fair where they talked about their public health journeys with our attendees. We are also very grateful for Rising Youth Foundation, Government of Canada, and TakingITGlobal for sponsoring our case competition.

Our Winners

We are pleased to showcase the work of our case competition winners! Scroll down to view some of our best logic models.

Maternal Health Logic Model
Mental Health Logic Model
Screenshot (40)_edited.jpg
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